Take Control Of Your Digital Strategy

Noodle helps universities manage their online and agile efforts.
Broadly stated, our fees fall into three categories:


Strategy & Coordination: As we have learned, managing change is both complex and critical to your success. Noodle provides a small group of people to help you coordinate your online and on-campus efforts to the best effect.


Technology: Infrastructure to tie together your student services for a 24/7 world, and make your learning environment more collaborative.


Services: Every year, we’ll make a plan for your marketing, recruiting, support, placement, and learning design initiatives. At your option, these may involve us doing the work or collaborating with your internal teams.

While our services and technologies are capable of being utilized independently from one another, it is how the various pieces work together that makes us a uniquely useful partner.

1. Strategy & Coordination

Working together to understand your needs, we allocate staffing to help you manage, administer, and coordinate your efforts across your portfolio of programs. Our experts have experienced program managers overseeing the services and technology platforms across marketing, recruiting, learning design, support, placement, and technology integration services. Depending on the breadth of your offerings and the stage of our programs, any or all of these folks could be fractional–as little as one day a week—to keep costs low. As your programs and your in-house capacity grow, our dedicated team will grow or shrink as needed.

While you get access to multiple experts, our recommendations generally equate to less than one full-time equivalent for each degree program.

With the help of Noodle and their model, we have built strong programs and are retaining the overwhelming majority of that revenue to reinvest in our School and students.



Connects data gathered from a range of systems from our partner universities to decision-making in marketing, recruitment, academics, and student life. While pioneered to support online programs, this approach can help you integrate your student and faculty support efforts on campus as well.

Your Investment: $55,000 per year for the first 500 students (volume discounts available for higher student needs)
Makes your LMS more collaborative, both for the creation of better asynchronous learning materials and a more social learning experience. Again, our tools were designed for online learning but will improve on-campus classes as well.

Your Investment: $25 per year per student.
Noodle Learning Platform

Next-generation learning platform for certificate programs and stand-alone courses, both private labeled and on noodle.com.

3. Services

Noodle’s suite of services is comprehensive and can scale up or down depending on your needs. Use all of our services or one of them, the choice is yours and we will adjust the corresponding technology spend accordingly.

Marketing & Recruitment
Marketing and recruiting efforts are the primary driver of applicants to new online programs. They also communicate an institution’s values, mission, and brand. Noodle understands this and collaborates with universities to ensure their marketing efforts enhance their reputations.
Full-time equivalents
  • SEO and SEM Specialists
  • Website Developer(s) & Backend Maintenance
  • Paid Media Specialists
  • Enrollment Advisors
  • Pipeline Optimization Specialists
Student Experience & Placement
Noodle partners with campuses to reimagine ecosystems to deliver exceptional student support experiences for your degree and certificate programs from deposit to graduation or completion and beyond.
Full-time equivalents
  • Student Support Reps
  • Success Coaches
  • Placement Coordinators
  • Faculty Coaches
Learning Design & Faculty Development
Noodle is committed to launching online programs and courses that reflect your institution’s identity and expectations for a powerful learning experience.
Full-time equivalents
  • Learning Designers
  • Media Producers Specialists
  • Term Prep Coordinators
Employer Partnerships
We do this by working closely with our partner universities to provide solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, and excellent. Using online and hybrid instruction, Noodle can address workforce gaps globally and locally.
Full-time equivalents
  • B2B Business Development
  • Financial Aid Officers

Our Tech, Your People

Already have the internal capacity in certain areas?
You can still leverage our technology platforms to enable them to do their jobs better. Whether it is leveraging our management and recruiting & support technologies to make your existing recruitment center more efficient and data-driven or providing greater social and collaboration functionality to courses across campus with Noodle Learn, our technology platforms can work whether you are using our people, yours, or some combination in between.

Noodle is here to help you do more with your programs and is priced to be flexible enough to adapt to fit your needs. You can purchase our technology on its own or complement the tech with our best-in-class service offerings. Regardless of what you choose to do, you can be confident that you are leveraging systems, processes, and people that are affordable, scalable, and effective to achieve whatever goals you might have.