Make Your Learning Platform Sing

How satisfied are your students, faculty, and administrators with their user experience—for both degree and non-degree programs, whether they’re working on-campus or online?

Noodle Learn integrates and supplements your key learning technologies to create a coherent and collaborative user experience.

Connect YourStudent Services

To manage our partners’ online programs, we’ve built powerful systems to proactively engage with their students at every point in the student lifecycle. By employing Noodle:Manage for your on-campus and hybrid students, you can streamline administration of student services and academic support.

We Build on
What You Started

We built Noodle’s technology systems to be as flexible as the agile university is required to be. We integrate seamlessly with your SIS, LMS, ERP and other key systems, offering 24/7 support if anything goes wrong. We also support our partners as they experiment with emerging trends like social learning and digital proctoring.

The beauty of Noodle’s approach to technology is that we’re constantly developing a cutting edge stack and can bring that to schools pre-integrated and pre-loaded with our approach to data analysis.

Keeping your data secure

Protecting learner data is our top priority. Noodle’s platform is ISO 27001 certified. We provide benchmark data to our partner universities only when it’s anonymized to your satisfaction.

Tying It
All Together

Noodle works hard to make sure our technology and services are excellent and cost-effective. What makes them unique, though, is our ability to help connect things— online and on-campus efforts, degree and lifelong learning programs, and our university partners themselves–in ways that lower costs and raise responsiveness and engagement. Whether you need strategic thinking, ongoing co-management, or extra hands to implement, Noodle brings this focus on connection to every engagement.

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