The Student  Experience

Noodle partners with universities to reimagine student support for agile campuses. Noodle does this by providing student engagement, clinical placement, proactive analytics, and mental health support.

to drive completion

Your online and hybrid students should graduate at rates similar to or higher than on-campus students. Using a mix of empathy and analytics, our support team works 24/7 to make sure no question goes unanswered, and uses data to reach out to those who may be struggling.

Howard University called to see how they could help and ask whether I had any needs or concerns. I was cared for even as a prospective student, and that meant a lot.

It’s a Big Field

Placing students into clinical and practical work is an increasingly important component of many degree programs. But when students don’t live near campus, good placements are time-consuming and difficult.

Noodle’s employer network includes hospitals, schools, clinics, and businesses around the US, and has made thousands of placements over the past ten years. We employ highly trained placement coordinators to identify and assess thousands of potential placement settings to meet each program’s specific requirements. Delivered on a technology platform custom-built to manage the placement process end-to-end.

What Does Good
Look Like?

As hard as we all work to support our students and faculty, support budgets face strict financial realities. Because Noodle supports a large, diverse network of universities, we are able to provide anonymized benchmarking data for your student support metrics, helping your teams continuously improve.

Mental Health Support

Your students live in a complex world, often balancing work and family commitments alongside their studies. Noodle uses evidence-based methodologies to support the whole student, including with 24/7 telehealth service, to help them be successful in the classroom.

The World
 Is Your Campus

To keep online and hybrid students engaged with their classmates and your school, they need to see their studies applied in the real world.

Noodle offers design and delivery services for immersive experiences in the US and around the world, including collaborative experiences with other universities.

Good Support Matters

Supporting a student body consistently and effectively can feel a little like alchemy.

Noodle is here to help. Our team follows the latest experiments around behavioral, emotional, intellectual, and social engagement in higher education and brings it to our partners as soon as new techniques are research-validated.

Tying It
All Together

Noodle works hard to make sure our technology and services are excellent and cost-effective. What makes them unique, though, is our ability to help connect things— online and on-campus efforts, degree and lifelong learning programs, and our university partners themselves–in ways that lower costs and raise responsiveness and engagement. Whether you need strategic thinking, ongoing co-management, or extra hands to implement, Noodle brings this focus on connection to every engagement.

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