Accelerate Your
Strategic Plan

Your blueprint is solid, and Noodle Strategic Consulting is your skilled architect to bring it to life. We provide the guidance and tools needed to transform your strategy into action, maximizing resilience and efficiency. We aim to amplify your current assets and identify necessary additions.

With extensive experience in higher education, we aid institutions in enhancing growth, reducing costs, and enriching the student journey. Regardless of where you stand in your journey, we'll partner with you to pinpoint opportunities and gauge the impact of your transformation, drawing from our vast past experiences.

How Noodle Can Help

Here are some examples of where we can be uniquely valuable:

● How can you inspire innovation among your faculty and administration? What's the impact of your budgeting process?
● Student service costs have tripled over two decades. – How can technology and process changes curb these costs while enhancing support and enrollment?
● With increased competition in online or hybrid programs, which of your offerings can grow without a sharp rise in student acquisition costs?
● How can you leverage faculty expertise for lifelong learners without giving up most tuition to learning platforms?
● In the blending online and on-campus realms, how can existing structures improve support for both types of students?
● Where should the locus of control for online experience components reside?
● What online student support services need centralization, and what are the staffing and partnership requirements?

Our Strategy team also develops widespread solutions to challenges for all our partners. One
example is Noodle’s University to Employer (U2E) system, which pairs universities with
employers looking to recruit, retain and upskill their workforce. As of mid 2023, Noodle has
raised more than $50M in employer-sponsored scholarships for our partners delivering
healthcare degrees, eliminating debt for students, and lowering marketing costs for our
university partners.

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