The Student Experience

Noodle partners with campuses to reimagine ecosystems to deliver exceptional student support experiences for your degree and certificate programs from deposit to graduation or completion and beyond.

Student Support
& Engagement

Online degree programs built by Noodle achieve retention rates comparable to those of corresponding on-campus programs. Our approach starts with having a team available 16 hours a day, seven days a week, but reactive support services are not enough. Our coaches create a rapport with your students; armed with learning analytics and working alongside your existing support centers, they guide students from the orientation process forward, helping them set priorities, articulate weekly goals, identify and address potential obstacles, register for classes, and organize their workloads.
That's why Noodle has launched about as many online degree programs with elite universities as have all of our competitors, combined, for the past two years.

Howard University called to see how they could help and ask whether I had any needs or concerns. I was cared for even as a prospective student, and that meant a lot.
— Krystal, Howard Online MBA Student

Measuring an

Students studying online generally need more support, and often need it at odd hours. A single access point—the student’s computer—opens doors for navigating the “inside” and “outside” of classroom experiences seamlessly. Our technology and approach make it possible to integrate often disjointed policies, practices and infrastructures to create a cohesive student support system; we benchmark the results against our rubric (is the environment Responsive, Inclusive, Supportive, and Engaging) and constantly try out ways to improve it.

Technology &
Tech Support

Integrating your key data systems (CRM, SIS, LMS) with our analytics tools, Noodle gives our coaches and your advisors an increasingly sophisticated support system to identify and address academic, social, administrative, or financial problems. And to better support students and faculty, Noodle’s Support Desk is staffed 24/7 by highly trained individuals committed to student satisfaction and success; they track all queries from students in order to identify patterns in student behavior that might create an at-risk alert or be used to better inform practice.

Mental Health

Our Mental Health Support team fills a gap that you may not be able to address if your counselors are not licensed to serve students out-of-state. If you choose to add this service, our team arranges 24/7 telehealth service for your students who may be at risk of experiencing a behavioral health crisis, and follow up sessions for ongoing support to de-escalate issues and foster continuous mental health support. You will work directly with our team to share your reporting needs and escalation protocol.

The Global

Online courses and programs connect to the real world in two ways. First, meeting other learners face-to-face, either in immersions or informal settings, can be powerful; we work hard to facilitate those meetings around the world. Second, most students connect learning to employment opportunities; our team will work alongside your career personnel to integrate online students into their work through such things as customized career courses.


Our approach and technology are based on research around behavioral, emotional, intellectual, and social engagement in higher ed. By incorporating opportunities for engagement with peers as well as faculty and staff both within and beyond the classroom, our online student experience creates a rich learning environment. Support for degree programs starts with a solid orientation experience to bring new students into the community and familiarize them with our tools and your expectations using a blend of synchronous and asynchronous experiences. In addition to counseling and tech tools, it includes our support for in-person meet-ups for students and activities in an online student union. And since many online students are adults juggling family, work, and school who may have stepped out of their formal education for years, we can arrange online tutoring resources to get them back on track.


Enrolling in your university involves a significant investment of time, money, and effort. We want to make sure prospective students make that decision fully informed; our ambassador program connects prospects to currently enrolled students to personalize the admissions process and give an up-close look at what it’s like to go through your program.