Higher Ed Can Make Recruiting Better…

Great universities are uniquely positioned to help corporations, hospitals and others find diverse, qualified new employees. Noodle provides the tools to make that connection simple and helpful for all parties.

Working with leading employers, Noodle arranges scholarship programs at your university. Students apply for these scholarships as part of their application to an undergraduate or graduate program, or at any time once they’re in it, with an understanding that they will work for said employer post-graduation.

Scholars pay nothing while they study, and then join the company that funded their degree as an employee for a certain amount of years. If they fail to complete the program or their obligations as an employee, they will repay the company. All of this is handled by Noodle and through an efficient third-party financing group.

Participating scholars have internships and an excellent job waiting for them upon graduation; in addition to an excellent salary, the company pays off the student’s tuition quickly, allowing the student to go work elsewhere within a few years should they want to.

… for Universities

The Scholars program can help your university address cost and equity concerns in an elegant structure:

Tuition payments are much more palatable to large employers than to individuals. This arrangement makes your programs more compelling to less advantaged students, and can substantially boost socioeconomic and ethnic diversity.

The price to acquire students via digital marketing continues to grow rapidly. The Scholars program will lower your cost of student acquisition and simplify your student marketing efforts.

The third-party financing group pays tuition for these students up-front, as a typical student would, no matter the relationship between student and employer.

...for Employers

For corporations, hospitals, and schools needing data and computer scientists, nurses, teachers and other professionals, Noodle and its partner universities bring a steady stream of excellent and diverse employees. Among the benefits of this program:

Employers can set parameters around geography, academics, and diversity. They can choose how much tuition they will reimburse, and at what rate.

They can set up internships, practica, and social events to ensure that these new hires will be connected to their mission, culture, and systems.

Since we arrange funding through a third-party, tuition payments won’t break your budget— you’ll pay them back to the funding group over time with minimal interest. If students choose to leave the program, the employer has neither any obligation to further reimburse their student loans, nor to chase after them for their funds.

...and for Learners

Cost and risk are the main two concerns that keep students from pursuing higher education. Our Scholars initiative solves both:

Scholars put out no funds for tuition and fees; we have arranged third party funding.

At the end of their undergraduate or graduate program, Scholars have great jobs waiting for them. Further, those employers will repay their student debt within a relatively short time.

Scholars are not legally obligated to work for the funding employer;  they may leave the program at any time, and whatever money the company still owes the funding group for the student’s tuition reverts to standard student debt.

Noodle internalizes the complexity of pathway programs, providing clean solutions for students, employers and universities. And by coalescing the capacity and expertise of dozens of great universities, we can close employee recruitment gaps for even the largest of corporations.