Higher Ed Can Drive Retention Higher…

Smart employers have discovered that higher education is an excellent benefit. Noodle has made it a better one for employers, learners, and our university partners.

… for Universities

Your university probably has relationships with a few local employers, but larger organizations have employees with a broad set of needs and locations; it’s unlikely that any one school is the right answer for every employer.

A network of universities is more useful to larger employers; however, many companies building such networks charge fees of 30% of tuition or more. As we try to reduce the cost of excellent higher ed, this seems like a huge step backwards.

Noodle has partnered with two of the leading companies serving large corporations: EdAssist, a division of Bright Horizons, and Workforce Edge, a division of SEI. Working together, we provide our schools with a low cost of student acquisition and technology to streamline those corporate relationships.

...for Employers

The universities most willing to give 30% of their tuition to a marketer (on top of any reduction in fees for corporate partners) are generally those with little faculty cost—or student:faculty engagement—and high marketing spend. Companies think their employees are getting an honest broker, but instead, their employees are guided into programs with subpar graduation rates and impact on performance.

Noodle’s programs are carefully designed and administered, with our help, from well-regarded universities. Our network, in partnership with EdAssist and Workforce Edge gives employers a trustworthy way to support their employees’ education goals, and in doing so, to increase retention and performance.

...and for Learners

As described, Noodle helps build programs that are engaging to students and immediately useful for their careers. Further, we help reinforce the value of high quality degree and certificate programs to the corporate world.