Episode 19: Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy

As the Chief Strategy Officer for Noodle, Lee Bradshaw meets – you guessed it – a lot of interesting people in higher ed. In Noodle’s debut podcast, Bradshaw speaks with leaders from every facet of higher education to tease out their stories and learn about how they’re moving and shaking an industry that notoriously values tradition.

We are pleased to have on another member of the Noodle Advisory Board, the Dean of the School of Education and a Distinguished Professor at American University, Dr. Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy.Cheryl tells Lee about the AU School of Education separating from the school of Arts & Sciences and what benefits that brings them, as well as some of their new initiatives like the Teacher Pipeline Project. Lee asks Cheryl for her thoughts on the apprenticeship model and how she has seen that utilized within education and training teachers. The two discuss how early childhood and K-12 teachers are severely underpaid and where changes need to be made to begin fixing this. Cheryl also shares how she got into the education field in the first place, what her experience has been like in higher education as a woman of color, and how we can improve equity and inclusivity in University culture.

Listen here: