Episode 13: Joey Gawrysiak & Cameron McCoy

As the Chief Strategy Officer for Noodle, Lee Bradshaw meets – you guessed it – a lot of interesting people in higher ed. In Noodle’s debut podcast, Bradshaw speaks with leaders from every facet of higher education to tease out their stories and learn about how they’re moving and shaking an industry that notoriously values tradition.

For this episode we once again attempted the three man weave. The Provost of Shenandoah, Cameron McCoy and the Director and Associate Professor of Esports, Joey Gawrysiak both joined Lee. Esports is a burgeoning field, thus colleges on the cutting edge like Shenandoah are doing their best to prepare learners, and as they each emphasized, “meet them where they are.” Joey and Cam talk about innovation and the advantages of working at a small school environment like SU. Joey explains the size and growing status of the esports landscape, and how their program is helping students enter that world. The two discuss the partnerships they have made with major players in the Esports space, how they can work to fix the issues of diversity in Esports, and how their college and programs can innovate moving forward.

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