Episode 11: Featuring Natalie McKnight

As the Chief Strategy Officer for Noodle, Lee Bradshaw meets – you guessed it – a lot of interesting people in higher ed. In Noodle’s debut podcast, Bradshaw speaks with leaders from every facet of higher education to tease out their stories and learn about how they’re moving and shaking an industry that notoriously values tradition.

For episode 11 of The Most Interesting People in Higher Education, we welcome the Dean and Professor of Humanities, at the College of General Studies, at Boston University, Natalie McKnight. Natalie is the co-chair of Boston University's Committee on the Future of Staff Work and had some really insightful ideas about the shift to remote work we are seeing in higher education. Natalie walks Lee through how the committee was formed, what their reporting found, and how they quickly put a plan in place. Natalie and Lee discuss how to keep culture consistent when people are in person less often, and the challenges of recruiting new talent if you aren't willing to offer remote options. Later in the episode, Natalie talks about her role as the co-chair of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee at her college, and her thoughts on the intersection of DEI and remote work.