Bringing employers
to education

Employers need help recruiting, upskilling, and retaining their employees. With our university partners, Noodle can help them fill their talent gaps with solutions that are innovative, cost-effective, and excellent.

Education to
Drive Recruiting

Through our network, your university can help companies create a steady flow of well-educated, diverse new employees, simply and efficiently. In a Scholars program, your applicants and current students can apply for a scholarship; once accepted, they will pay no tuition or fees for their education, and have an excellent guaranteed job with the partner company upon graduation. Each quarter they work for the company, a portion of their debt will be automatically paid off.

Our Scholars program helps students avoid decades of college debt, while making your university more accessible and forging bonds with leading employers.

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Stiff competition for professionals with in-demand skills isn’t likely to ease. So, it’s likely you’ll need to invest more in growing at least some talent in-house. (Forbes)

Education to
Increase Retention

Corporations have discovered that funding higher education for employees raises retention and performance in a tax-efficient and easily measured way. Unfortunately, some of the leading education-as-a-benefit providers today take 30% of tuition to help you reach those corporations.

Working with two leading providers of education as a benefit (EdAssist from Bright Horizons and Workforce Edge from SEI), Noodle efficiently brings your programs to more companies and their employees.

Education to Support Upskilling

The need for lifelong learning is large and growing. Universities face a difficult choice—ignore that need, join a platform taking 40-65% of tuition, or compete with those platforms with a smaller catalog and salesforce.

Noodle gives you a new option: a federated network that helps you develop your relationships with employers with minimal expense and risk.

Tying It All Together

Noodle works hard to make sure our technology and services are excellent and cost-effective. What makes them unique, though, is our ability to help connect things— online and on-campus efforts, degree and lifelong learning programs, and our university partners themselves–in ways that lower costs and raise responsiveness and engagement. Whether you need strategic thinking, ongoing co-management, or extra hands to implement, Noodle brings this focus on connection to every engagement.

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