Better Together

With high upfront costs and low marginal expense, technology generally rewards very large organizations. This leaves many traditional colleges and universities struggling with a dilemma; should they seek to become enormous, or risk getting marginalized as others do so?

Noodle presents a third path; we help you benefit from economies of scale and network effects, while growing your reach and honing your unique brand. Using our technology and shared services allows you to lower learning design and marketing costs, better address employers, and give your students and faculties more resilient, responsive, and efficient support.

No Clown Car

We originally designed Noodle to coordinate a constellation of vendors. It quickly became clear, though, that this approach would not be sustainable. Not only do vendors require a great deal of oversight, but the services were so interconnected that it was impossible to scale coordinated, polished, efficient online and hybrid programs and courses.

Learning from this effort, Noodle consolidated most of the services necessary to help our universities, supported by a custom-built technology and data science platform that seamlessly connects our team with yours. We use a few trusted providers that are tightly woven into our solutions.

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Every service at a university should be designed to support students and faculty on campus or anywhere on earth, at least 16 hours a day.

Connect Strategy
& Execution

Transforming a campus is a herculean challenge. Partnering with Noodle doesn’t solve that, but we do everything we can to help you. Our goal is to bring you the best minds in higher ed to help you problem-solve.

Our support starts with high-level strategy - How should you be addressing the lifelong learning market? How should you connect your online and on-ground learning? What degree and non-degree programs should you run? Which students should you target? But it doesn’t end there. We also bring our team to help with the countless everyday decisions needed to keep a campus program and services running smoothly and keep you informed every step of the way.

Connect Your Campus

25% of undergraduates and 50% of graduate students now study exclusively online. Demand for lifelong learning continues to skyrocket, especially from employer partners.

Noodle has built the technology and systems to support the unification of often-siloed teams like Online and Executive Education groups. We believe that using a blended approach can help campuses grow more resilient, responsive, and efficient in marketing, recruiting, support, and learning design. We also believe that a blended approach can create exciting new opportunities, like the ability to stack non-degree courses and credentials into degree offerings.

Connect With
Other Campuses

There are dozens of ways in which collaboration with other universities can save you money and improve your services. However, any good network requires a backbone, an organization devoted to the connections themselves. Noodle works to connect you to universities in innovative ways. For example:

  • A federated network of sites that allow you to successfully compete in the lifelong learning space without giving 50-65% of tuition to a platform.
  • A respectful approach that allows our partner schools to avoid paying Google and Meta for the same prospect
  • A way to share the cost of interactive learning objects (including case studies) with non-competitive schools
  • And, of course, the simple economies of scale in creating solid learning and administrative tech and services to better support students and faculty.

Alone is Fragile

Of course, you can build everything yourself, at tremendous initial and ongoing expense. But Noodle and its team brings depth: we can backstop your internal teams during periods of high need or turnover, and test new technologies quickly and with less risk. In doing so, we allow universities to focus on the things that make them unique and excellent.