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Students are Center-Stage

Diverse Audience

Todays’ students are diverse: in their identities, their lifestyles, and their educational needs. On average, our programs educate a higher percentage of underrepresented minority students than the average graduate program in the US.

Our Performance

Lead to Enroll Rate

Our team has increased the rate at which prospective applicants enroll in programs by 59% in the last year (Spring 20 to Spring 21).

Cost to Recruit a Student

We have reduced the cost to attract and enroll students by  9.4% in the last year (Spring 20 to Spring 21).

Student Satisfaction

As our volume of programs grew by 75%, student satisfaction (as measured by NPS) increased 4 points, to 40.

Lifetime Revenue

We have generated over $194mm in Lifetime Revenue for our University Partners. Our partners will retain close to $130mm of that revenue.

Program Acquisition

Our hard work is paying off: we continue to gain trust with our university partners. Our existing partners added 9 total programs with us in 2020.

All for the Students

By saving universities money, we’ve helped bring more scholarship dollars to students. The average student in a Noodle program receives over $1,000 more in scholarships than the average US grad student.

In Fall 2017, Noodle launched our first ever online programs: the MAT and MEd at the American University School of Education.

By Spring 2018, we launched one more: the Master of Social Work at Tulane University School of Social Work.

By 2019, we signed 24 programs at 14 universities.

Today, we have signed agreements with 20 universities on more than 50 programs.

The Cast

Our Crew

Our incredible crew brings programs to life on the virtual stage.

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