Transform Your Campus

Noodle helps university leaders build agile campuses. We do so through tech-enabled services—including learning design, technology, marketing, recruiting, and student support—that integrate with your own to make schools more resilient, responsive, and efficient.

Noodle, has acquired Meteor Learning

Noodle, higher education’s leading strategy, services, and technology partner, has completed the acquisition of Meteor Learning. Noodle welcomes Meteor Learning’s higher education and employer partners into its network, which enables Noodle’s partners to be more resilient, responsive, and efficient.

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Designing your
agile campus

With market research, a broad set of relationships, and an understanding of your school’s strengths and capacity, Noodle brings you workable strategies to leverage technology. Our teams execute these strategies alongside you, helping you make the thousand tiny tweaks required to keep your campus running smoothly.

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As an early partner of Noodle, we were enticed by the notion of being able to select specific support services, and not be beholden to an “all or nothing” approach.

Tuning Your Identity
and Driving Qualified Applicants

Our student marketing team, including the CCA group, has been helping universities and colleges present their best selves for forty years. And we don’t stop there; we use state-of-the-art tools and data science to fill your class with highly qualified students with the lowest possible spend.

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Noodle helps you transform your programs, working with faculty to tie together courses and to make sure each is measurably engaging, personalized, interactive, intuitive, inclusive, and collaborative (EPIIIC). We also make sure each course is delivered on time and on budget.

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Future proof
your tech stack

Universities’ median per-student spending on technology infrastructure was $1,316 in 2021. And yet, 77% of students still reported having a technology issue over the course of the school's year. Noodle speaks for dozens of universities, bringing economies of scale and network effects to their platforms.

By normalizing, benchmarking, and combing your data for actionable insights, Noodle can transform your student services and online classrooms.

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A Bridge to Employers

It has never been more important to be able to connect prospective students to their career paths. Noodle’s employer team helps you deepen your employer relationships and add new ones; bringing new students to your institution and helping employers retain and upskill their teams.

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A Great Frame

We pride ourselves on research, transparency and efficiency, so our partners can see the relationships we build.
Our services are designed to frame our partners well without ego or undue cost.

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